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Hey I'm Desiree, I'm absolutely in LOVE ❤️ With Ed Sheeran, this blog will basically be mostly Ed with some funny pictures ;) enjoy, add me on snapchat; MrsDezza


tbh if u really think that iphone users are elitists ask ANY nerd why they prefer android n they’ll go on and on for hours, insulting the phone, steve jobs, tim cook, their entire families, everyone that works for apple, the schools they all attended, and their mothers’ lasagna recipes 

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*breakdances sadly* 

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somebody you do not wanna try (via blackproverbs)

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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.


Getting bad again for no reason after you’ve been so happy for a long time is literally one of the worst feelings ever

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Because my skin has been pretty good lately and I’ve been feeling great

I had to get a staph infection again. Because that’s how my life works.